Top Tips

Help your business with Online communication strategy

In order to grow your business awareness and engage with your consumers, it is important to deliver the right messages. Here are some online marketing communication ideas that can go that extra mile to support your local community.

  • Inform of any changes: If you now offer delivery then let people know.  Similar with opening time, new offers. 
  • Engage with local community groups: Join your local community Facebook groups, they might be able to spread your messages to their audiences.
  • Discount for our heroes: Offer special discount to NHS workers to show your appreciation for their hard work, this should help give consumers a “feel good” vibe about your business.
  • Support the vulnerable: Get in touch with local organisations that distribute food to those in need – such as food banks, churches, temples, shelters–to check if you can supply them. They may have budgets to pay you for these meals as well.
  • Provide confidence: Tell your local community how serious you are by taking extra steps to ensure their safety.

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