Top Tips

Consumers want higher quality dishes when eating out

Lucky Boat Noodles suggests these tips to attract more footfall and boost your sales.*

  • The most important and fastest growing need is consistently good food quality and taste*. Invest into high quality ingredients that taste good and ensures consistency. Choose the best ingredients that also look good so the dish is more appetizing.
  • Diners seek variety and often want to try something that they have never tried before. Offer new and healthier menu options that would surprise your customers.
  • Make sure that atmosphere, food presentation and service creates memorable and calming experience. Choose a décor and background music that would be unique to your outlet, invest into a comfortable seating and lightening, welcome people with a smile.
  • Create a personalised service that will increase a number of cross-selling and up-selling items. For example, address your customers by their name, ask about their dietary requirements and other questions to find out what your guests like. Educate them about the menu and offer food that matches their needs.
  • If people are coming to your outlet by work-led reasons, such as business meeting or company lunch, evaluate service time, convenience and balanced food options. Food needs to be prepared quick without sacrificing on quality and presentation.
  • Offer Money Off for return visits to create loyalty.
  • Storytellingtell your guests more about food on your menu, its history and ingredients, so they could see more added value.**

*Source: MCA. UK Eating Out Market Report 2019

**Source: Westmill internal analysis of annual conferences, reports 2019

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