Top Tips

Drive your sales by making a few simple improvements

Lucky Boat Noodles supports your business: adopt these drivers into business and support the growth of your sales*

  • Customer experience helps to drive the footfall to the restaurant and encourages more positive emotions. Invest into product quality, customer service and innovation that will contribute to a greater return visits.
  • Menu price management generates more spend per customer. Price management includes essential aspects such as labour, ingredients, equipment, etc. Calculate the best menu price based on your ideal food cost percentage or ideal gross profit margin. It is important to evaluate competition in your local area, demand for your food options and demographics of your ideal customers.
  • Use some psychology menu tactics that can encourage a purchase, e.g. grab customer attention through visuals, place your high profit menu dishes in the menu centre or top corner and add most profitable items at the top and bottom of the menu list.
  • Provide staff training that will lead to better customer experience and will win you some higher ratings online.
  • Adapt convenience and technology led systems, e.g. online reviews, self order kiosks that allow to customise the order, digital receipts and innovative point of sales systems (handled or touchscreen terminals).
  • One of the top consumers’ tech related priorities in pubs and restaurant are: Wifi, contactless payment, mobile payment, mobile ordering, offers via mobile app, bookings via mobile app.**
  • Offer more health and wellbeing menu options and attract new diners. Consider more balanced dishes that provide nutritional benefits, e.g. wholewheat noodle dish. Westmill survey suggests, that 3 in 5 Chinese cuisine diners would order a dish made from wholewheat noodles.

*Source: MCA. UK Eating Out Market Report 2019

**Source: MCA Annual conference 2019

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