No. 1 Thick Noodles

Lucky Boat Noodles is the leading noodle brand in Chinese Restaurants & Takeaways, trusted by Chefs for its finest quality

Authentic & High Quality

Lucky Boat Noodles are made to an authentic and traditional recipe. With the use of premium ingredients and manufactured to the highest standards in the UK, the noodle offers consistency in all the important areas.  Smooth texture and firmness, great elasticity and pure colour means that noodle dishes look appetising, and consumers enjoy a genuine taste every time.

Less wastage = more portions

Due to unique features such as better hydration rate and less wastage, Lucky Boat noodles provide better value for money and help to save. You can see yourself here 

No. 1 Thick Noodles

No.2 Fine Noodles

No.1 Wholewheat Noodles

Rice Vermicelli

Rice Sticks

No.2 Fine Golden Colour Noodles

(Available in EU only)