Inspired by a quest to bring the best to the world

Inspired by a quest to bring the best to the world

Lucky Boat Noodles – Our Mission

Our mission at Lucky Boat Noodles is to inspire everyone to love noodles. From the smallest takeaways to fine dining restaurants, from countryside pubs to mainstream noodle bars, from people dining out and dining in – we want everyone to feel and share the love for noodles. Love, knowledge and expertise is ingrained in every product we develop.

We are committed to building trusted and long standing relationships with everyone in our community: customers, chefs, consumers, employees, suppliers and partners.

Quality Promise

Made to a traditional recipe, with premium ingredients, and manufactured to very high standards in the UK – Lucky Boat Noodles are developed to ensure an authentic and consistent flavour every time. Smooth texture and firmness, great elasticity and pure colour means that noodle dishes look appetising, and consumers enjoy a genuine taste every time.

Our History

In 1421, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China operating under a single order from their emperor Zhu Di: “To proceed all the way to the end of the world”. Lucky Boat is inspired by this magnificent voyage that discovered the world and honours its brave warriors, navigators and the Chinese Emperor’s quest to find and bring the best to the world.


David & John Chen begin manufacturing at Davjon Foods – Lucky Boat Noodles are born.


ABF acquires Davjon Foods and the Lucky Boat Noodles brand.


ABF invest £10m on a high tech plant in Manchester for the production of noodles.


ABF invest £5.5m in a third noodle line.
Lucky Boat Noodles are the No.1 selling wheat noodle brand in the UK to Chinese restaurants and takeaways.


A further £20m is invested into a fourth production line to fulfil a growing noodle demand.


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