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Grow profitability by adding noodle dishes on your menu

Noodle dishes are tasty and easy to prepare, therefore it is a popular menu option amongst chefs. Research suggests that almost half of the UK population order Chow Mein when eating out*, so you will notice how quickly noodle will win your diners’ heart.

Being a staple in Chinese cuisine, noodle is also a popular menu choice in pubs, Asian inspired restaurant chains, street food markets or events. Its popularity is likely to grow even more because of a greater profitability and easy preparation process.

How having noodles on the menu can benefit your business?

• Chinese cuisine is amongst Top5 most popular cuisines in the UK, with noodle dishes being one of a primary choice. Introduce them with your diners and they will quickly become one of your best sellers. More sales = more profit.

• Quick serve and high quality dish will earn you good reviews for a service time. Besides, you can serve more people in short period of time, meaning even more profit.

• Noodles are loved by adults and kids, so it is an easy choice that will satisfy more consumer needs.

• You can adapt noodle dishes to be suitable for a variety of diet styles: vegetarian, vegan, low carb, high protein to name a few. Analyse your customer preferences and create an authentic, delicious and appealing menu offer that will keep your diners coming back.

• Experiment with new dishes and grow footfall. Your Diners like new flavours, authenticity and simplicity. Noodle dish inspired by Asian cuisine can be served in a form of soups, salads or stir-fries. Offer your diners noodle curry influenced by Thailand cuisine or perhaps Teriyaki Beef noodles that will compliment any British cuisine menu. Find more Lucky Boat recipes here