Master Chinese Chef, Gourmet Chinese Chef ltd, Chinese Culinary Consultant Ken Wang

I have been using Lucky Boat Noodles for more than 10 years, since I came to the UK. Lucky Boat noodles are unique due to their texture and golden colour which is perfect for a variety of dishes. Mostly I use for stir-fried noodles, especially with chicken or seafood.

I would like to say that noodle is a favourite dish for British consumers. It is always very popular and high selling on my menu, and customers love the taste of the dish.

There are times when kids come to our restaurant and they do not like traditional Chinese food. In that case, I always encourage them to try our noodles. I say to them ‘why don’t you try this noodle dish, you will be surprised how long the noodles are’. So it is also a kids favourite.

I can advise from my experience that Lucky Boat Noodles are suitable for different dishes in Asian and British cuisine. You can use Lucky Boat noodle instead of pasta to create more tasteful and twisted Western – Asian dishes.

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